Tiles play an important role in interior and exterior designs, setting the look and feel to your home or workplace. Choosing the right tile can be difficult when you don’t have the advice from a professional company, like Tile King. With 30 years of experience and hard work in floor and wall tiling, Tile King has always strived for perfection and customer satisfaction.
Tile King is a team of professional tradesmen that offer nothing but the highest quality of workmanship for you wall and floor tile installation in Brisbane, only hiring only the most friendly and approachable workers. Tile King does both domestic and commercial tiling and is also a fully licenced and insured company, so there will never be any delay or hassle when it comes to the project of your house or workplace.

The tiling doesn’t just stop in the bathroom, it extends over to kitchen, pool and whole house lots, and not only are they using the basic porcelain or ceramic tiles, Tile King also offer marble, terracotta, granite, mosaic and more, the tiling possibilities are endless! Tiles are an excellent flooring choice, they last a long time, are a harder and durable surface than most flooring options, there is a great variety of options to find the right fit for your home, it is healthy for your home as tiles help preserve indoor air quality and they require less maintenance!

Tiling can require a lot of equipment, money and time. Tile preparation is vital and time consuming, with the tools, measuring and cleaning! Tiling is a long process that requires precision and preparation. The common misconception with tiling is that it is as simple as cleaning the floor and putting down the tiles, which is very wrong. Tile King has come across many DIY jobs or poorly done jobs by other companies, needing to rip up their work and start again, which in the end is going to be very costly. This is why you need to call Tile King from the beginning!