There’s no better way to beat the Brisbane heat in the Summer months than with a backyard pool, so why not capture the attention of your guests by using the best quality pool tiles.

When it comes to choosing tiles for your new pool, there are a number of different colours, styles and materials to consider. You simply need to ensure that the tiles chosen are either impervious or vitreous to water if the tile is to crack. With all the options out there, there’s always a perfect look available for any pool owner.

However, it’s not choosing the tiles that’s the hard part, it’s the pool tile installation that can be tricky. After ensuring that the tiles chosen are indeed impervious to water, the next step is to completely clean the installation area. This involves washing down the pool walls and floors using a high-powered pressure washer. This exposes the pool surface to the mortar once the tiles are placed- ensuring a better tile bond for long-lasting results.
As well as cleaning, It is also important to choose the correct mortar for the job. Due to the cocktail of chemicals in your pool, the mortar that is used must be extremely high quality to make sure that the tiles remain fixed.

Instead of taking all the fun out of getting a new pool, the best option is to call someone to do all the hard parts for you. Tile King Brisbane are the ideal choice for pool tile installation, as they are not only experienced, but they strive to deliver the best results that will have you splashing around in no time. The team of tilers at Tile King are equipped to handle any of your tiling needs, down to the exact specification. From the pavers around your pool, to the mosaic edging as a decorative piece, Tile King Brisbane does it all!

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