Everyone at some point in their life has a wife wanting a retiled kitchen because that old dull colour just wasn’t cutting it for her anymore or a neighbour completely renovating their kitchen and can’t pick what type of tiles they want for their new modernised looking house. Whether it you, or someone you know, tiling and retiling will become a common household want and occurrence.

Tile King has 30 years’ behind them in floor and wall tiling, always striving for perfection in their work. This team of professional tradesman offer nothing but the highest quality of workmanship for your wall and floor tile installation in Brisbane. Tile King is known to be one of the most professional and reputable tiling companies in all of Australia that will take on any domestic or commercial challenge that comes their way. They hire only the most friendly and approachable workers to make your experience that much easier and pleasant, also being a fully licenced and insured company, so that there will never be any delay or hassle when it comes to your precious project. With a wide array of tile selection, style and type, the Tile King can give your kitchen the look you have always dreamed of.

Tiling and home renovations are common for home owners, they are often turned into a DIY without the full knowledge of what goes on when tiling a kitchen. The troubles can begin with choosing the correct glue for your surface, and then onto finding the right adhesive for the tile product itself, these are just the issues before even beginning the project. Doing these vital steps incorrectly can lead to tiles coming loose, messy application, not being waterproofed correctly (if at all), and the possibility of not meeting Australian Building Code and Australia Standards regulations and having to start all over again! So when it comes to retiling or tile instillation in your beloved kitchen, don’t act like a pro and go to the actual pros, call Tile King now.