You’ve got a pile of Better Homes & Gardens magazines sitting at home in a pile and you’ve been to every tile shop within a 100km radius of your house. After showing off magazine articles and tile samples to friends and family, you’ve finally decided on what floor tiles are going to tie your dream home or luxury renovation together. However, despite you thinking that your choice of floor tile is the most important decision in the process of your project, it’s the actual installation that needs the most consideration.

When it comes to tile installation, there are a lot of tricky aspects that need to be properly thought-through before work begins. These aspects not only include the choice of tiles, but how the tiles that you have chosen will influence your installation. For example, small, mosaic tiles need to be positioned correctly with specially-designed tile spaces, while larger, square tiles should be aligned straight on the floor with regular sized spacers. As well as this, the type of tile that is used will dictate the thickness and type of underlay that is to be used to fix the tiles to the floor.

Now you may be thinking that all of these considerations can be taken care of by consulting someone at Bunnings or your local hardware store, but the fact of the matter is that they don’t fully know about your personal situation. You may be trying to tile over an existing floor covering that has dips or lifts, or you may be tiling a bathroom that needs to have levelling that reaches a drainpipe. No matter how simple you think the job is, there’s almost always something that you’re forgetting.

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Don’t give yourself a headache and a hole in your pocket with plumbing or electrical problems caused by a disastrous DIY attempt. Call Tile King now and refresh the design of your home without the worry.