Are your kids constantly trudging in mud or spilling food on your carpets? Are you sick of coming home to stains in your carpet or scuff marks from shoes on your vinyl floors? It’s time to put down the stain removers and carpet cleaners and choose a new floor covering that’s durable and easy to clean.


When you choose to install floor tiles in your home, you are following in the footsteps of 90% of Australian homeowners, who say that tiles are their most preferred floor covering. With the extensive list of benefits that come along with tiles, it’s not wonder they are Australia’s preference. As well as being durable and easy to clean, floor tiles are water resistant, hard to crack and they don’t require regular maintenance like varnishing. Also, they are an affordable floor covering option and suit everyone’s style with the countless designs, shapes and materials that they come in. Floor tiles are even healthier for your family, as the easy-to-clean floor coverings prevent bacteria and other germs from sticking around.

However, tiles aren’t only ideal for your home, but are also an excellent choice for floor coverings at your commercial or industrial property. When you’re busy trying to get work done, you shouldn’t be worrying about the sanitation of your workplace. With floor tiles, you can easily remove dirt and grime with efficiency and get back to what’s more important.

Although you may be now wanting to rush into your floor tile installation to get the benefits you’ve been promised, it’s important to remember that tiling floors is a big job that requires the right knowledge and experience. Instead of going through hoards of DIY articles and video tutorials, the best way to get the highest quality job is by calling the professionals at Tile King Brisbane.

The team of expert tradesman are with you every step of the way for your tiling installation. From choosing the right adhesive and tile design, to the actual tile installation itself, Tile King have all the knowledge to provide you with the floor covering you’ve been searching for.

There’s no need to fork out cash to rent or buy tiling equipment, simply call Tile King for all your Brisbane floor tiling needs. The team will complete your tiling job at an affordable price that fits your budget and make your home or office look better than ever! Call now on 0411 888 141.