Are you planning on selling your home at some stage in the future? If so, you should know the following shocking fact – your bathroom and kitchen alone can make the final decision for a couple on whether to buy your home or an alternative. These areas of the home are the most frequently judged. The good news is that updating your bathroom and kitchen doesn’t have to involve a complete overhaul which is costly and takes time. You can easily update these areas just by paying attention to your outdated tiles.

Bathroom tiling in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast are subject to intense wear and tear. Just think about how much time is spent in both places on a daily basis! It is no wonder then that grouting, kitchen tiling, wall tiling, and bathroom tiling will show wear, tear and damage more frequently than areas such as the study or dining room. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a 20-bedroom mansion or high-rise apartment – the fact remains the same.

If you think that all that matters is to rip up the old and put in the new, think again. There are many factors to consider, whether you plan on hiring someone to help you with your tiling services or wall or floor tile installation or plan on doing it yourself. Kitchen, bathroom and wall tiling must be carefully planned before even a single tile is placed. You also need to consider whether or not you will keep your existing tile size, and actually measure the tiles you plan on putting in place to make sure they are the size they are supposed to be! You would be astounded at how many tiles are marked as one size, but when measured, turn out to be just a little bit different. Something this simple can throw your careful planning down the drain.

When you are laying your tiles, you might need to cut them to fit certain awkward areas and corners so make sure you allow a bit extra. This cut should be as precise as possible to prevent any unsightly gaps. Areas around windows and doors will also require special care. Tile positioning should also include wrapping, which is when the tile used to finish off a wall and return to the short corner is the same, to allow for the grain to continue for a seamless look.

It might seem like an overwhelming amount of work for your bathroom and kitchen, but remember that these areas are highly valuable so you can’t afford to get it wrong. When you’re making these important decisions, you can always refer to a tiling expert like Tile King to help you out.

Here’s a great example of what a difference it makes.