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Servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane

Servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane

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Floor Tiles Brisbane

Are your kids constantly trudging in mud or spilling food on your carpets? Are you sick of coming home to stains in your carpet or scuff marks from shoes on your vinyl floors? It’s time to put down the stain removers and carpet cleaners and choose a new floor covering...

Gold Coast Tiling

If you are over the same old dreary looking tiles in your home or office, it’s time to organise a new look for your wall and floor coverings by calling the experts at Tile King. The team of professional tradesman offer excellent consultation on the best tiles to suit...

Wall Tile Installation Brisbane- tile-king.com.au

There’s a point of time in everyone’s life when they get home after a long day’s work and decide that something about their home’s appearance just isn’t quite right. More often than not, the solution is fresh wall tiles to give your home a more modernised and...

Tilers brisbane

Tiles play an important role in interior and exterior designs, setting the look and feel to your home or workplace. Choosing the right tile can be difficult when you don’t have the advice from a professional company, like Tile King. With 30 years of experience and...

Kitchen tiles brisbane

Everyone at some point in their life has a wife wanting a retiled kitchen because that old dull colour just wasn’t cutting it for her anymore or a neighbour completely renovating their kitchen and can’t pick what type of tiles they want for their new modernised...

The Importance of Good Tiling

Are you planning on selling your home at some stage in the future? If so, you should know the following shocking fact – your bathroom and kitchen alone can make the final decision for a couple on whether to buy your home or an alternative. These areas of the home are...



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